These 4 pictures are of my mum, Lesley, taken during WW2 when she was in the W.A.A.F [Women’s Auxilliary Air Force] and stationed not far from London.

I don’t know exactly when the pictures were taken  – she was only just 13 when the war started in 1939 and, according to the website I looked at, she should have been conscripted when she was 18, in 1944. I have a feeling that she enlisted earlier than that – I think quite a few girls added a few years to their age so that they could join up. Neither, sadly, do I know the names of the people with her.

Mum didn’t talk much about the war but I know that she was both proud and fond of the men and women she served with. And as my son and I pray for peace in the world most days,  I’m grateful to them and all the other thousands of heroes, past and present. God bless them.


Ninna 1


Lesley is far left in the top row.

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