You are loved.

Much in this post to ponder. It’s very truthful and uplifting. Enjoyed it immensely.

Ruth Clemence

Standing at the kitchen sink washing the dishes and watching the soap bubbles slide down the plates, I had a thought. This is probably the most helpful and comforting thought that has really left its mark on me recently.

I am so loved by God – whether I am doing the dishes or achieving a high-flying noticeable career. His love for me does not increase or decrease based on what I am doing. His love just is. For He is love.

person washing his hand Photo by Burst on

Every so often, I get so wrapped up in my identity as being what I do as a job. It’s the one thing that seems to have a hold on me because everybody seems to be ‘doing’ something. They are known by their role. It’s become such a drain on me that I am sometimes at the point of collapse from the pressure I…

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