Too Much Study, Not Enough Learning

The title of this blog post really got my attention – it’s a challenging and truthful read.

This Woman Writes by Carolyn Henderson

Christians come in all shapes, sizes, and maturity levels, and the more honest we are, the more fun we are to be with, even if what we’re saying or working through is painful. The other day, someone told me:

A stack of books and the Bible for the Purposeless Driven Life articleToo many Christians read too many books ABOUT the Bible, and not the Bible itself. It’s an easy error to correct. Photo credit Steve Henderson Fine Art.

“I’m so afraid that Jesus is impatient with me. I don’t read the Bible much, and I don’t know what it says. I don’t think that Jesus can use someone like me.”

Sentences like that always make me ache inside.

It’s not that there’s a problem with the sentiment, it’s that the person mentioning it has been a Christian for many, many years, and attending church, and Bible studies, and small group meetings, for just about that long. If this stuff worked, I thought…

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Simplify for Success [lifehack]

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